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K12App Platform

K12App is an integrated school management platform that enables administrators to efficiently manage daily school operations and drive exceptional parental engagement.


  • Student Information System
  • School Fees Management
  • Attendance Management
  • App for Parents & Teachers
  • Online School Fees
  • Live Online Classes
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Digitize your school in few minutes with K12App Platform.

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Quickly track student information on any device

K12App's student information management system helps in reducing manual tasks that schools carry out on a daily basis and improving overall efficiency. Manage student data – everything from grades, attendance, homework, school fee, and remarks from one place.

School app for fees management

Make your fee collection process simple, easy and quick

Give your school the ability to accept online payments to eliminate the burden of in-person cash collection.

  • Simple mobile app integration
  • 100+ payment modes available
  • 99.99% payment success rate
School app for communication

Enhance your parent-school communication

With the help of the K12App, school administrators can perform various administrative tasks on the go and ensure effective communication among all the stakeholders of the school.

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